Your name (Kimi No Na Wa.)

‘Your Name’ –One of the best anime ever made, well I believe so. The anime which made me go through and watch all other anime and Japanese animated movies out there in the world. if you know this anime, then i believe you surely would have watched it more than once.

How many Times:

1)At once you might just not understand the movie: Well its a bit complicated, but not as much as ‘Inception’ or the ‘Interstellar’. You find it hard to connect the links between scenes, sometimes you just wouldn’t get whats happening in the movie. Sometimes you are completely blind with the story.

2) The second time: Well the second time you will exactly know whats happening with the scenes, story, character and everything. You would just sit there comfortably, enjoying.

3)The third time: You end up in front of some screen playing the movie again just because you couldn’t help yourself from falling in Love with the movie. And thus you end up watching it again and again and again.


In brief the story is about a boy and a girl who switch places during their sleep.The Boy switches as the Girl, and the Girl as the Boy. Their lives interfere. A complete havoc which gradually ends with their mutual understanding of each other’s lives. This happens a number of times, sometimes even unexpectedly and then it ends abruptly. Thus no more switching. It’s at this time that the boy decides to meet the girl in person and visits her town only to find out that the town was destroyed by a comet three years ago. He reaches a mountain in the same ruined town where they switch again for one last time, where they finally meet in person.

They decide to write their names on each other’s hand so that they wouldn’t forget each other and they would find each other afterwards. But they just couldn’t. Eventually they forget everything and become an old, unclear dream for one another. Eight years pass by after the comet incident, Where they finally meet as two complete strangers who knew each other their whole life time.

Why so special:

What makes this anime as the only one of its kind…? Well its really hard to tell. The ‘Time Space’ concept is blended in so well that it does bring it very near to the reality. Blending in with the story with no faults is one tricky thing when dealing with ‘Time space’ variations. The story connects a boy and a girl who are Three Years apart from each other, which you notice only after the first half. Well its a fantasy and an anime drama, you must appreciate its flow with no faults.

Background music and Songs: The second thing which makes you enjoy the movie throughout would be its Songs and background music. They are just so soothing and perfect with the characters, and their actions.

The Ending:

Well last but not the least, The Ending of your name is just fabulous. They both meet after 8 years from the comet incident. Two complete strangers searching for one another as if they both knew each other for their whole life time. They finally meet, they will know at once that they were searching for one another. And at last they ask each other for their ‘ names’. A perfect ending. I even bet some would have cried at this scene. Well I did.

Thus one of the best anime ever made. If you haven’t watched the movie, well its never late. Do watch and enjoy.

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