When its Time..

She always told “When the time is Right, then ‘Its Time’ to do it’. 

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

There she goes, at last and forever. That beautiful wrinkled face melting, bones creaking, turning to ashes. I stood there for a very long time in the cemetery, watching the fire burning her, trying to stay close to her as long as possible for one last time. Everything was done. Our children completed all the rituals (karma). Some of our relatives already leaving, few washing their faces in a tap right beside the burning fire. I stand there all alone, close to the fire, watching her burn. There she burned in the fire, cleansing her Athma (Eternal Soul) while my Daughters had already started a discussion on whom to be possessing her Jewelleries and my Sons on our Old house, the house which we both built, me and Nirmala together. The grand kids, they don’t even have a slightest idea of whats happening around them. They are happy for meeting their cousins and are busy playing. Time split through very quickly, which I noticed only when Raghav told me that it was Time to leave.

I sat in my study smoking, there was Sukhanya, our youngest, cutest and very emotional daughter. They had reached only a few minutes before. Her eyes red, dark circled, trembling lips trying to control a breakdown. Right beside is her Son Anourogya, around 20, very silent, and too mature for his own good at that age. I still remember holding that newborn kid, those curious eye gazing right through mine. They felt like they were seeking things which were beyond my understanding. Though we have never gave much for Sukhanya which we could have, still she is the kindest and noblest among all. She brought lunch, and took away that half burnt cigarette on her way back.

I sat there for few hours though I had to sleep, I just couldn’t. All i thought was about Nirmala’s death, which was supposed to happen nine years ago, when we almost lost her. Well it must me the will power but she always used to thank Gods. That Heart, the same heart which she gave be 62 years ago did struggle a lot after that. I felt a slight pain in my left hand, which usually recur since the day of its paralysis. I knew it was time for that nap of mine. I couldn’t help since I was way too old. My body couldn’t cope up with mind. It must be the medications that I don’t have much trouble sleeping. I finished another cigarette and found myself on my bed. Like every other day I prayed, just to make sure that I woke up again.



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