Into The Sea. part-1

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One often finds his destiny on the path which He never choose to Travel” .Thus here I am, standing right at the very spot, which I left a few years ago in search of fortune and success. The very spot which I left with a thought of never returning. And here I am standing over the shores of Arabian Sea. The same old Port on the remote outskirts of Malpe(city in western coasts of  Karnataka, India) which still stinks of Salt, dead Fish and dried Prawns. Being a Brahman(community in Hindu Religion in India) I always hated the smell. There are two types of Brahman people in South India, One is Pure Vegetarian, and the other who are pure vegetarian, but eat fish as their staple food. The later types are sometimes even addressed as Mangalore Brahmans. Our family was one among the Mangalore Brahmans and were great Sailors.Since the days of great, great Grandfather, Sailing and fishing was our Family Business and Tradition.

“Formal Education will get you a Living, Self Education will make you a Fortune”. Well if you are happy with a Living, then no ones complaining. It took me almost a lifetime to understand that. I always loved Sea. ‘Aarna’ (Literally means Ocean and goddess Lakshmi) the name of our fishing boat. Oh my, she was Beautiful and She used to run Beautiful. She was the biggest in that port and man, She was strong. And now after all these years, she just sits there on the beach rusting to death.

Ramesh Kaka (my grandmother’s sister’s son) taught me sailing and fishing. As a kid I always dreamt of taking long voyages for days, months or even sometime for years. There was a time when my Father and Ramesh Kaka along with two other friends took a sail so long that everyone here thought they were lost to the Sea. They returned after Eleven and Half months, completely lost and broke. I stood there staring at their miserable faces, those Eleven and Half months broke my dream so hard that could hardly put myself together. It took another several months for the family to recover to its original glory. Until then I was long gone. I was in some college in Bangalore (city in India) searching for a path just to hold my ground in Life.

“Biggest mistake we do in Life is that we Listen to others more than we Listen to yourself”.If you want to be different from others, then you must stop listening to others. It’s not that they show you wrong paths, It’s just that they show you the same path which they and other Million had traveled through. So three years later I ended up in some Bank counting money from 9 to 5. Another dead fish floating in some river in search of an ocean to find some sort of Enlightenment.

“I left on a voyage searching for things/answers and ended up finding them back at Home”. Even a wave follows back its path into the Sea right after finding the Land. Thus after all these years, after so many failures, empty pockets, sleepless nights I end up back at my Village in Manipal, Right were I started.

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