I’m 75; Why is it So Important to FAIL.

Most of the people in the world are afraid of failure. Well its not that bad after all. You will know get to know that you have fail, if not today then tomorrow or some other day. But its certain that you have to, can’t escape from that. And when you do fail just make sure remembering it so that you could tell stories of it when you get your chances.

You have to fail to know the cost of things which you fail it. You never know the cost of a war unless you are a soldier, You never know how much it is for someone who is in great need of money to get a job that would pay him a handful, You could never know the taste of success unless you haven’t tasted failure, You need to experience it to tell them apart. failure even if it tastes bitter you have to accept it and experience it. Beer does taste bitter, but it doesn’t really matter since we all enjoy having it in a huge mug.

It’s 11 30 pm like every other night and today I’m drinking Beer. It had been really long since I had one. Like every other drunk I like the taste of Beer, very authentic. The thing I like in Beer over Whisky is how it feels. It hits you really slow but it hits you hard and real good. Couldn’t help with tummy. Gives you a big tummy.

When I was in college trying to get a degree, ended up failing twice in first semester itself. It was my first time and i never failed before. Made me drink a lot and I did just to overcome the depression. It was then that I switched from Beer to Whisky.

“You are not afraid of future, You are afraid of the repeating of past”anonymous


I was never afraid of future, since you can never predict future. But past it gave me nightmares. i was afraid of failing once again, and all over again. And sadly i did fail again and again. At last I got used to it.“Fail big, but fail Better”Peter Dinklage. I did fail again and I did fail big every time, but i never could understand failing better. I lost count of success while counting all my failures.

And now I’m an old man who only remembers his failures and couldn’t do anything about them. I failed at becoming what my parents always wanted me to be. Failed at falling in love with the one who truly loved me. I failed at being loved back. Failed at accepting reality, failed at changing myself in order to change the things around me. Failed at being a better Father, a good Husband, failed at securing our future. I Failed at quitting alcohol for my wife and finally ended up loosing her. At I failed at being myself through my whole life. Its not just about living forever, its about living with yourself forever.

Thus here i am, in middle of nowhere, counting my last living days, regretting things I have lost and drinking Whisky as much as I can before I die.



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