I’m 75; Purpose Of Life.

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“There are two important days in your life, The day you are born, And the day you know why”-saying.. There are a lot of such interesting and stimulating thoughts/quotes. I never knew whether these quotes actually worked on reading them, well I guess I never have really tried to figure it out. Most of them don’t try to figure them out, not that they are lazy, or doesn’t have to do it, well they just don’t do it.


Its been raining cats and dogs since two days along with really slow internet, high power cuts and my damn Scooter won’t start. Must have been some problem with its spark plug and I’m too lazy to repair it. Well yeah I have a scooter and still ride it, though my Driver’s licence is expired and they wouldn’t give me a new one. They think I’m too young to have a new licence. And i don’t care about licence since I’m too old to care about all those things. Well yeah ‘Dirty grandpa’.

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If it starts raining I couldn’t help from getting drunk along with a couple of cigarettes. I couldn’t get my head of the thought about the reason why you are born. Well I have almost finished a lifetime finding the reasons. when i turn around into life to find sometimes at least interesting I find a very long and lonely path and I think I never did find a reason. All those interesting dreams of my teenage mind, I found them scrambled and scattered all over that long and lonely path of my life. Love, Villas, billionaire’ lifestyle, marrying the love of my life,  my first kid with the love of my life, travelling the world, opening my own art gallery and every other thing, I notice everything on that path but I can only look at it and regret. it’s too late to reach out to them.

Frankly I never found the purpose of my life. All I did was just travel along with time. I couldn’t stop to realize it, I wasn’t even in any condition to stop and realize. Falling in love in 20s, finding a job before 25, marrying at 25, kids at around 28 to 30 and then saving money for your kid’s future and then retirement and then U look at your kids who are on their way doing everything in the world with no idea about them… damn life gets messed up. I was born but never knew why, couldn’t know why. I used a Dinghy to flow down the river of life and i never thought about it.


Thus here I am all alone, completely broke, unsuccessful, not happy about it, drinking whisky, trying to figure out all of my mistakes so that i could regret less and rest in peace. The whisky is hitting me really hard, So thats it for today. Thank U for reading my story….


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