I'm 75; I love parties..

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It’s 2 am night/morning and I’m drinking leftover whisky from yesterday’s party. Yeah I love parties. It’s been few months since we had a get together. A small friend group, one 72 years old, another 70, 68 one and there is one special guy who is 25. There is something special about this 25 year old guy.

Most of them like Brandy, old guy’s thing, Sam likes drinking Brandy, Mansion house  Brandy, I did try brandy sometimes, tastes like those medical tonics i take, yuck, but Brandy is an old man’s thing. I remember telling you guys that there is something special with this 25 year old Maichel, well he still likes and drinks only Beer. I had to quit Beer over whisky before even finishing high school. The only problem we have with Beer is the tummy, it gives you a really fat tummy and believe me, this 25 year old guy is so fat that we tease him of dying before all of us. He has different taste though, as he likes our company unlike anybody else in the colony. And yeah his wife is not happy about that as we there one 72, one 70, me 75 and the other 68 are the dirty grandpas of the colony. We are the senior citizens with the most insane and the dirtiest minds around. She makes sure he is home before midnight and from then onwards its our time to laugh at his thoughts about life.

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We four sit around remembering everything he said the other night and laugh at it the whole night. He is an innocent fellow who has no idea, what would happen next, dreams about literally everything even with insanely strict wife who would always be hanging around his collar trying to get him as far as she could away from us. But at the end of the day he would end up bumping into us and we fill his mind with our idiotic and insane thoughts not that he is ignorant about it, or he might even play ignorant just to keep us satisfied and happy. Well there are reasons why he is so special for us after all.

I have to party quite often just to feel life and cheat death. Being alone has its own perks and cons. When i was young I was alone most of the times. I thought it was my greatest strength until it turned out to be the greatest weakness. I remember the saying ‘Being alone has a power only a very few can handle‘ but in my life this power made me weaker. I only realized it when it was too late and now I AM alone and afraid of being alone. Well none of that really matters as I am 75 years old and being alone or someone being beside us doesn’t make me any better and I do party as hard as I can, laugh at people and their messed up lives, sometimes laugh with them just to let time pass away…..

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