I’m 75; Dreams Which Never come true.

Dreams- A small 6 letters word which could hold almost everything both existing and non-existing in this so called world. Only difference is few are small, few so big, few so light weighted and few are so heavy that you could never hold on to them. It is us who just give up dreaming, but dreams, they never stop being and holding everything.


Dreams aren’t those which come when you are asleep. But dreams are those which doesn’t let you sleep“- Dr A P J Abdul kalam

Dreams play an important role in ones life. They give your life a purpose, a reason to move on, which push to live life though how miserable it gets over time. Simply dreams keeps you breathing life over time. And believe me it took me a life time to understand this. Thus, here i am, whisky on the rocks, dreaming about all those innumerable dreams in my life most of which never came true.

Life is all about making your dreams a reality which often isn’t as easy as we think and most of us quit half way through, some would stop dreaming, and some just couldn’t do anything about it. I’m one among them who dreams but couldn’t do anything about it. Dreams never come true unless you work on them and I failed each and every time. Now it’s way too late and all i can do is regret. And all these years all I could do is bury them deep under but could never name the tombs, never knew the reason. I just couldn’t.

Dreams are like Horizons. Looking at a horizon you feel like the Earth and the Sky meet, But they never actually meet, do they?? And if you try to reach them, even though you go as far as you can, you eventually end up staring at a horizon very far away and you give up. The Earth never meet the Sky and Dreams never come true. Whenever someone talks to me about their dreams all I could do is laugh at it and wish them Good Luck.

I turned alcoholic so that I could sleep and dream. But eventually I got used to it to such an extent that now I could neither sleep nor dream. I’m too old to start everything all over again, yes I am. So I drink like every other day and drift along the river of life. A dead fish afloat a river to reach to the oceans, to reach death like every other dead fish who couldn’t turn back to look at it’s trails to notice its life already wasted.

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