I ‘m 75; Being Successful and Being happy.

Well it had been very long since I wrote something since I was busy out of hometown. had to meet an old friend. The problem with being old is that some of our meetings are likely to become our last meeting like the one which I had with my old friend. He was 72, ‘quite young’ according to me and I had to meet him to say goodbye forever. I’m used to it, used to cry a lot but now i can’t help but to move on. Life is a flowing river until it reaches some ocean and it is your choice whether you reach there by swimming through alive or by floating dead.

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I knew since a long time, my friend here wasn’t happy. He was quite successful though. He was into marketing and well he made a hell lot of money. But the only problem was he had no time to spend that money. He used to spend his whole day working, sometimes I even saw him working on weekends. He loved Scotch, no doubt he was a scotch guy and he smoked Cigars. He bought a Range Rover, a good-looking home, flew business class, he had everything except time. Everything was with work.

People have everything they need right before their eyes, all they have to do is hold on and take a look, look around and notice things, things which gives happiness, joy, pleasure small or big, people who show us love, who really matters in life. I noticed his face on his deathbed, eyes with regrets, no memories to look back to smile at them he looked poor, completely broke.

“Some people are so poor that all they have is money”- BOB MARLEY

And here I’m neither successful nor happy, drinking whisky, searching for some old memories and finally regretting all the decisions I made which did cost me everything in my life. I don’t really know when is my turn sleeping in that coffin eyes with no emotions, and no memories to smile at just like my old friend. The biggest mistake we make in life is that thinking we have time and well actually we never have enough time. Life is always short of time. Well the whisky is hitting me real hard so that’s enough for today…..



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