Happy Teacher’s Day…. ‘LIFE’

“It never matters how many times or how hard you Fall, All that matters is how you get back Up after Every Fall.Every failure, every fall teaches you things which could never be found in any books or Universities. Thus fail as much as you can, fail harder, or even worst. “Fail again and Fail Better”. But always make sure to get up.

5th SeptemberIs celebrated as Teacher’s Day throughout India in memory of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. radhakrishnan- A Philosophy Teacher. First Vice President and Second President of Independent India.

So lets take a moment to thank everything and everyone whom we have come across till now on this never ending path of Life. “Formal education makes you a Living, Self education gives you a Fortune”.  We ourself are the best Teacher we could have through out life. We Thank ourself of believing in ourself, staying with us in every turn, helping with every decision. If it is not because of us, then we would never have been where we are now.

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We thank our Parents for believing in us, Supporting our dreams and having our back with every decision we made in life. Thank you for being happy and satisfied with what We have become now.

Our Teachers, whom we often forget as we travel through path of life. Well if it wasn’t because of them, then we would never have made it till here. Thank you for that strong Foundation you gave us with which we have built us till here.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

LifeAt last we Thank Life for what we were, what we are now and what we are to be. Thank you for all those those failures. “Wounds heal, but Scars teach so that we remember”. The damage you made which we are still trying to patch up. Thank you for all the heartbreak through which we found True Love. Being a part of all those sleepless nights and Early mornings, all the pain and joy, Guiding through every turn, every decision. Thank you for being with us, Thank you for believing in Us, Thank you for everything.

Happy Teachers’ day………..Life.

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