Every Indian Bus Journey

“Sometimes it’s not about the Destination but the Journey itself”. And when you decide to take up the journey, well train is bit boring, Flight is way too fast and costly. But when it comes to Bus you end up with all kind of people and all kind of situations. If you travel through remote places in India, you might even end up travelling along with Chicken, Goats, Dogs and Sheep.

“A very few times you find your Destiny on the path which you chose never to Travel through”. And when it comes to a Bus Journey, one is destined to meet certain peculiar People. There will always be a Smoker in every bus, A last bencher. A couple and a Teen guy always checking out. That one guy who is always on his phone. Guy with ‘Sleeping sickness’. Last but not the least, A Farter….

Photo by Zain Ali on Pexels.com

The SmokerYou will find at least one Smoker in every Bus Journey who never misses a chance to grab a smoke every time the Bus stops for a small break. Till then you would find him shaking his legs, hands, sometimes eating chips or chewing gum. Well if you are a nicotine addict you always keep your hands or legs busy. And light Cigarette smell throughout the bus after every break.

That Couple: There will always be a couple in every bus sharing as much love as they could till they reach their destination. Teen couples or High School kids in each other hands, blushed cheeks, broad smiles and Happy hearts.

The Chatter: That one guy, fact that there will always be only one guy like this in every bus always on his phone throughout the journey. Like this is the only time he gets to talk on his phone. He must have called about half of his contacts.

The Farter: You can notice a guy in every bus playing loud songs on his mobile speakers, disturbing others. Well this guy sometimes will be that Farter. When you find some stinky smell and loud music at the some time, well then you know who and what we are talking about.

The Snorter: There will always be one or two guys snorting throughout the night. A nightmare if you are a night crawler.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Last bencherIn every bus you find that one guy or a group of boys who always choose that last seat in every journey. They never care about other seats, Whether the seats are full or empty they always sit in the Last seats. These are the checking out types. They keep their glances on everyone and everything and especially other Girls. Not that they are perverts, they do it just to keep themselves busy. That one guy all alone in the back seat sometimes looking out the window, sometimes checking out other passengers. With his headphones on and caring none lost in his own thoughts.

Thus here I’m on an other Bus journey for a Four Hundred mile stretch. I glance through the whole bus as I get in and find my way to that last seat. The seat in the left end corner of the bus……..

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