#BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia Asus Vivobook S


#Beyond The Edge #Asus India, A thought beyond being normal. Asus Vivobook S series of Asus India is perfectly made of the people whose thought aren’t confined only till the edge. A perfect machine to blend in this competitive world. Machine which would accompany you  make all your dreams come true.




First impressions are the best impressions. Asus Vivobook S series comes with Full HD (FHD) Nano-Edge display with 80% screen to body display. The whole laptop is very thin and light weight. It weighs 1.2 Kg and its ultra slim body makes it portable friendly. You can carry your laptop where ever you want, however you want. It consists of 35.5 cms (14 inch) 1920 x 1080 screen resolution FHD Anti-glare Display. The display also includes 178 degree wide-view technology to ensure that colors and contrast remain vivid and bold even at side angles. Thus it looks very stylish and attractive both while travelling and working with it.




Though a Blogger or a Vlogger, a gamer, or even if you just work on your laptop and travel at same time the main problem you face is the charge. Slow charging or low batter life greatly affects your performance. If you are a Travel Writer or Travel Vlogger, the main problems you face with a Laptop or a Mobile is its battery usage. You can’t stand all day waiting, cancelling all your plans for your devices to charge. Asus Vivobook S series laptop feature a Lithium polymer battery. This offers a 3 times longer battery backup. Thus this gives you full day battery charge if you are void of power supply while travelling or if you are away from home. Fast charging technology provided in this Laptop series charges the battery to 60% in just 49 minutes. This really helps all Travel Bloggers and Travel Vloggers. You can charge your

laptop battery to almost full on your food break in any hotels, Dhabas, or Restaurants.

FINGERPRINT SCANNER :Fingerprint scanner feature has become a common feature in almost every electronic devices mobiles, i-pads, and even laptop. But not most of the mid-range laptops don’t come with a Fingerprint scanner. But Vivobook S series laptop provides you with finger print technology. This helps you a lot if you are working on your laptop in crowded places like Airports, Railway stations and Bus stations. You don’t have to worry about someone peeping into your data using your laptop.


Asus is known for it high performance. Mobiles, Laptops or Desktops Asus is known for it very high performance. Asus vivobook S series is powered by 7th Generation Intel core i3-71ooU processor and 256GB SSD. This fastens the laptop performance while editing, and is even fit of Gaming. 1TB HHD, 256GB SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM provides you with ultra smooth and fast performance. It comes with inbuilt Intel HD 620 graphics which doesn’t really support high graphic games but it won’t affect and is enough for day-to-day works like photos editing, rendering videos, Blogging and Vlogging.


Most of the laptops are supposed to be used with room lights only because of their opaque keyboard keys. This is really annoying for late night working guys if they stay in a group or in hostels. The Backlit Keyboard allows you to identify the keys properly . This allows you to work all night with lights off so that you don’t have to disturb others with your work. Asus Splendid visual optimization technology provides the very best visuals for different kind of content. It provides you with four display modes, which can be accessed with a single click.

  1. Normal Mode
  2. Eye Care Mode
  3. Vivid mode
  4. manual Mode

Normal Mode is ideal for daily task. If it strains your eyes you can enable Eye Care mode. Eye Care mode reduces blue light levels to ease eye strains. Manual mode allows you to personalize color adjustments.


Asus Vivobook S series comes with three USB ports. USB 3.1 Type C Port, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 with one Micro HDMI slot. Type C ports provides you with high-speed data transfer from external hard drives.

So if you are a Blogger, Travel writer, a motor vlogger, Vlogger then this Asus Vivobook S series laptop is a perfect companion to make all your dreams come true.


So being a blogger and travel writer Asus Vivobook S series laptop would be a great company to me on a path to achieve all my dreams.




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